Storage Trailer Rental


Finding warehouse space is difficult and with supply chain constraints, and waiting until you have room to order more product can potentially leave you unable to procure what you need.

Road Scholar Transport-An Extension of Your Warehouse!

Tight on warehouse space? Road Scholar has mobile storage solutions that save you money and space and are available 24/7. Choose from dry or temp-protected storage options. Use on site at your facility, or we can house for you and deliver at your request. We can also monitor the temperature of refrigerated storage trailers remotely if you need us to do so.

  • 24/7 availability
  • Road Scholar Transport - An Extension of Your Warehouse!
  • Dry van storage rental
  • Long-term and short-term lease or rental options
  • 53 foot vans and reefers
  • 24/7 remote reefer temperature monitoring
  • Immediate alert in the case of an excursion
  • Fueling service available
  • Secured with Navalock when requested.
  • Equipped with GPS tracking.
  • Weather-tight, preventing damage to your freight
  • Roadworthy and storage trailers are available.
  • Select from swing or roll-up doors.
  • Available in wood or aluminum flooring.
  • Provides a mobile warehousing solution.
  • We drop and retrieve trailers housed at your site.
  • Saves money and space.
  • 24/7 in/house maintenance if needed

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