Why live-load fragile product under the time constraints of a driver’s hours of service when you can utilize drop trailers to ensure smooth, secure, progressive loading? The only reason this shipper had was that the trailers weren’t removed from their dock at the committed to times, so the next load clogged up their dock (and risked damage!) while waiting for an empty to be put in the door. The RSTrategy Team fixed that by ensuring we had the trailers pulled out when we agreed to do so and by providing a standby backup driver in case the first was unable to execute on the run.


This was a job for E-Track bars and straps, and the client agreed to supply straps during the loading process. To keep costs down for our customer, once the product was unloaded at the consignee, our driver collected the equipment to be returned on the next drop trailer destined for the shipper’s dock.


The incumbent carrier had leaf and spring suspension systems on their trailers – a real problem when you’re hauling fragile product. Road Scholar’s Air Ride tractors and trailers provided the extra level of care needed to keep the customer’s product damage free.