Road Scholor Relay Services


Any trips over 600 miles cannot be made with a single driver in one 10 hour shift, and for many shippers this is a problem. Our solution – the Road Scholar Relay, utilizing our terminal network to maximize the hours legally available to Driver “A”, while Driver “B” is on standby at one of our terminals . As Driver “A” arrives, Driver ”B” lights up the engine with a fresh contingent of hours to get your product where it needs to be, when it needs to be there!

  • 100% asset based carrier
  • Get your product from Connecticut to Chicago on the same day.
  • Strategically placed terminals in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic allow for easy freight relays.
  • No hours of service violations
  • No high cost of driver teams
  • Driver slip seat, drop and hook, or full dock operations to swing freight to new equipment quickly
  • Relay velocity allows for increased product shelf life
  • Professional, uniformed drivers taking pride in representing your brand upon delivery
  • 24 x 7 dispatch and oversight
  • All shipments tracked and monitored real time via telematics.
  • .0001% claim record - one of the lowest damage claim records in the industry
  • Terminals, relay, and cross dock locations reaching 88% of northeast U.S. manufacturing and distribution in under 30 minutes.
  • Babaco high security truck locks secure your high-risk freight via a lock that cannot be cut, broken, or shimmied.
  • Brightly colored and easily distinguishable awareness trucks
  • Our strategically placed terminal network, relay capabilities and cross-dock locations allow us to reach 88% of major northeast distribution hubs in under 60 minutes.


Origin Destination Avg Transit RST RELAY Time Saved (Hours) Per Years Savings
(Weekly Move)
Columbus, OH Boston, MA 23:16 12:43 10:33 22 DAYS
Chicago, IL Hartford, CT 26:41 14:35 12:06 26 DAYS
Manchester, NH Detroit, MI 25:38 14:02 11:36 24 DAYS
Columbus, OH Portland, ME 26:12 13:59 12:13 26 DAYS
Albany, NY Cincinnati, OH 21:40 11:53 09:47 20 DAYS
Dayton, OH Providence, RI 25:08 13:36 11:32 24 DAYS
Augusta, ME Cleveland, OH 24:11 12:19 11:52 25 DAYS
Long Island, NY Indianapolis, MD 25:25 13:20 12:05 26 DAYS