Pharmaceutical Transport

Road Scholar Transport has been vetted and approved by key players in the pharmaceutical industry and also serves as an integral partner for the smaller pharma companies looking to establish themselves in the market. These companies trust Road Scholar Transport because of our strict adherence to protocols and the customized solutions we are able to provide.


  • Our pharmaceutical transport protocols are built around years of experience and guidance from two industry documents – the Code of Federal Regulations Title 49 (DOT CFR 49) and PDA Technical Report 39.
  • We adhere to the direction provided by the Departments of Transportation and Homeland Security in DOT CFR-49 on effective controls and procedures to guard against theft of controlled substances.
  • We also follow the guidance on cold chain storage and transport of pharmaceuticals provided in the PDA Technical Report 39 published by the Parenteral Drug Association.
  • To ensure compliance with this guidance, we provide state-of the-art reefer technology that includes 24/7 remote temperature monitoring as well as electronic door seals that geo-fence and timestamp all door opening and/or closing events.
  • All Road Scholar tractors have satellite tracking through Samsara and all trailers and reefers are equipped with Orbcomm.
  • Road Scholar Transport maintains the complete temperature records set of all shipments from pickup to delivery for a period exceeding 12 months.
  • Secure access to live tracking of the trailer transporting your product is provided upon request.
  • Our strategically placed terminal network, relay capabilities and cross-dock locations allow us to reach 88% of major northeast distribution hubs in under 60 minutes.
  • Air freight services are also available.

You can count on Road Scholar Transport to be a strategic partner that adheres strictly to your quality management practices. We invite you to reach out to us to discuss our policies and procedures set forth in our Quality Manual and how we can customize solutions to fit your specific needs.

Road Scholar

Your strategic partner for Pharmaceutical Transport