Beer and Liquor Transportation

Road Scholar spares little expense on equipment to ensure the safety of your freight, our drivers, and others on the road.

  • State-of the-art reefer technology
  • Air-ride tractors and trailers
  • Babaco TRUK-LOC V – a lock that CANNOT be shimmed, lost, cut, stolen, or forgotten – used on all high security loads.
  • Bendix disc-braking solutions
  • Collision avoidance systems help keep our trucks a safe distance from other vehicles and hazards.
  • Electronic stability controls to prevent accidents and protect freight
  • .0001% claim record - one of the lowest damage claim records in the industry
  • Orbcomm and Samsara technologies provide track, trace, and temperature monitoring solutions and keep an electronic eye on freight.
  • Electronic door seals geo-fence and timestamp all door opening and/or closing events.
  • 24/7 remote temperature monitoring
  • Customer access to live tracking of the tractor or trailer transporting their product
  • Our strategically placed terminal network, relay capabilities and cross-dock locations allow us to reach 88% of major northeast distribution hubs in under 60 minutes.
  • Access to any point in the U.S., Canada, or Mexico through our brokerage division
  • Truck, rail or air freight services available