To go the extra mile. To do whatever it takes to get the job done right-the first time. To always do what's best for the customer. No matter what.


Pharmaceutical Transport

We work with some of the top players in the pharmaceutical industry. They trust Road Scholar Transport because of our strict adherence to protocols; because we are a solutions-focused company; and because you can count on us to be a Strategic Partner that adheres strictly to your quality management practices.

  • Adhere to DOT CFR-49 direction on controls and procedures to guard against theft of controlled substances
  • State-of the-art reefer technology with 24/7 remote tracking and temperature monitoring and ability to change temperature set points remotely
  • Electronic door seals geo-fence and time stamp all door opening/closing events.
  • 24/7 access to live tracking of the trailer transporting your product

Food Products Transport

Our proactive approach to FSMA compliance ensures that all storage, shipping, and handling of your dry and temperature controlled food products meets or exceeds food safety and security guidelines.

  • .0001 claims ratio–one of the lowest damage claim records in the industry
  • 24/7 dispatch and remote end-to-end temperature monitoring
  • Ability to measure and alert on temperature excursions and change temperature set points remotely
  • Food grade vans and refrigerated trailers with aluminum floors available

Specialty Chemicals Transport

Our experienced team maintains top safety practices in the transport of specialty chemicals, abiding by state and federal regulations to ensure that all materials entrusted to us are handled properly and arrive at their destinations safely.

  • State-of-the-art tractors with anti-collision sensors and anti-rollover technology
  • Experienced drivers trained on the latest techniques to prevent accidents and protect hazardous cargo
  • Location and temperature of shipment tracked and monitored real time via telematics
  • We go beyond industry practices and track tractors and trailers independently

Defense Transport

At Road Scholar Transport, the safety and security of your shipment is our top priority. Our experienced team maintains top safety and security practices in the transport of high security materials, ensuring that all materials entrusted to us are handled properly and arrive at their destinations safely.

  • 100% asset based carrier
  • Current certificate on file to schedule pick-ups and deliveries on behalf of government agencies
  • Electronic door monitoring providing e-mail alerting, online monitoring/reporting, on-demand GPS location, and complete coverage throughout northern and central U.S.


Same Day

Need it there today? No problem.
  • Same-day delivery within the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states for all types of freight
  • On-line tracking tools to see where your time-sensitive shipment is in real time


Next Day

Have an urgent next day shipment?
  • Seamless next-day delivery within the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states – any day of the week!
  • All of our shipments are tracked and monitored real time via telematics.
  • You always know where your time-sensitive shipment is in real time.
  • Time-definite shipment if needed.



Get your product to market 50% faster
  • Road Scholar Relay System maximizes the hours legally available to each driver.
  • Our strategically placed terminal network, relay capabilities and cross-dock locations allow us to reach 88% of major northeast distribution hubs in under 60 minutes.
  • Guaranteed delivery service available.


AM/PM Delivery

What time do you need it there?
  • Early AM? Late PM?
  • Choose the time and destination within the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states.
  • We will provide fast, reliable delivery service to meet your specifications.


Weekend Service

Need it there on Saturday? Sunday? Monday?
  • Pick the time and place within the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states.
  • We’ll provide consistent pickup with Monday delivery if required.
  • Plus 24 x 7 dispatch and oversight.

Transforming the Transportation industry, One Client at a Time.

We are solutions driven. We don’t work in a vacuum, focusing on one domino - we’re looking ahead at where all the dominoes are going to fall, discussing the potential outcomes with our customer, and together determining which of the different scenarios best suits their business.



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Road Scholar Transport is proud to announce that we now provide access to any point in the U.S., Canada, or Mexico through Pentagon Transport, our brokerage services subsidiary. if you are looking for personalized, high security freight services – whether by truck, rail or air –and solid, well though-out solutions to your shipping challenges, we are prepared to help!

We work with Road Scholar to transport product for delivery to our most important customers from Boston to Miami, and all points in between - Chi Town Shuttle coming soon!!! The Team at Road Scholar designed solutions for problems that no other carrier was able to solve, and as a result we've experienced great growth in our customer relationships, and our sales!

Chris Burge | National Facilities Director / Corporate Compliance & Safety Officer/ iGourmet

We’ve been working with Road Scholar Transport since 1999, first for some of our regional volume LTL shipments and full truckload needs, then for our custom critical shipments to the Nuclear Power Plants we serve. The service was excellent, and they quickly became our go-to carrier regionally. When we absolutely need to have something delivered – be it night, day, weekend, or holidays – they have always delivered for us. We continue to utilize their services to this day as well as their new brokerage arm which has also been excellent.

Jack, Director of Corporate Purchasing

Road Scholar helps us when we get in a pinch by turning requests for quotes around quickly and then providing us with same day or next day transit times. You really do a great job for us and we really, really appreciate it.

Art | Logistics Coordinator.

CRC has been using Road Scholar for many years. They are a great carrier who goes beyond what needs to be done to satisfy their customer’s needs. Everyone is extremely friendly and courteous. They work closely with several charities, and if you are lucky enough you will get to see their customized trailers for these charities. Just an overall great company!

Carol Grossman | CRC Industries Inc.

Road Scholar has great equipment, is passionate about on time delivery and being an extension of our company. Communication and customer satisfaction comes first.

Jeff Borchelt | Regional Transportation Manager, Mid-Atlantic

Talk about Top Class Service!

Max | Logistics Manager

We use Road Scholar for a number of different things – and have for years – for the simple fact that they are dependable. Being the largest cocoa company in the world, we have frequent production line changes and are needing either drums or pallets within the day, and RST comes through for us, so the plant can continue running flawlessly.

Marlene | Sr. Coordinator, Logistics

The customer service people are great, friendly and respond quickly to emails. Love the drivers,always friendly and courteous. I know one of them for about 25 years!!

Dianne Mierau | General Manager / Precision Adhesives and Chemicals / DBA Adhesives and Chemicals

We continue to work with Road Scholar Transport for their great communication, friendly staff, and truck availability. Their tracking team always gives us prompt updates. They have a lot of capacity in the Northeast and will find us a truck if we are in a bind. Customer service team and drivers are always friendly to talk to over email or on the phone.

Stephanie Long | Langham Logistics

I have been using Road Scholar for many years while working at more than one company. They are a great carrier who goes beyond what needs to be done to satisfy their customer’s needs. Everyone is extremely friendly and courteous.They work closely with several charities, if you are lucky enough you will get to see their customized trailers for these charities. Just an overall great company!

Drew Diggans | Director of Warehouse and Logistics / Herr Foods

Road Scholar Transport is a dedicated team of professionals who stand out for their professional conduct, excellent communication skills, and passion to meet our logistics needs. Road Scholar Transport is unparalleled in their commitment and the personal touch from the entire Team makes all the difference. Everyone always go above and beyond to provide the best quality of service to Siegfried. They are great partners for us, I highly recommend RST.

Kathleen McLaughlin | Shipping Specialist Siegfried USA LLC


Over the years, we’ve transported thousands of valuable shipments, delivering them quickly and safely to their destination but we had never been asked to transport a brain tumor directly from an operating room to a lab. True to our core, we listened to the logistical challenges, and collectively rallied our resources to help one of the most innovative companies in the world of immunotherapy on their path to save lives.



One customer’s supply chain consisted of a network of independent distributors to final the deliveries to the local stores. Their distribution issue was twofold – not only did Shipper “A” need the product delivered on time to their distributors to keep costs down and customer service levels up, but they also needed to maximize space on the trailers to fit as many cases as possible.Road Scholar’s solution is still working after 20 years. Click below to learn how we solved their distribution issues.



A New York Metro shipper had two very pressing issues – on time and damage-free deliveries. The shipping process in place for the fragile product this customer manufactures involved a driver backing into their door, floor-loading goods, pulling out, and heading to the delivery. When the product finally arrived at their client’s construction site, it was both late and damaged, making for a very unhappy – and most likely not a repeat – customer. Click below for the RST Solution.



One of Road Scholar’s clients had raw material supplier issues arise that caused their customer to have to purchase large quantities of raw materials and eliminate a distributor. Their customer asked our client to store these materials for them, but our client didn’t have the room to store large quantities, nor the capability to handle inbound and outbound as required. Click below to see how RST solved the problem for our client – and their customer.



Road Scholar Transport

It all started with a pink tractor-trailer in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. Today, we have over 40 pieces of equipment in support of charities and causes! These “rolling billboards” are raising awareness for dozens of affiliations, groups, and causes. A single awareness trailer on the road receives between 30,000 – 80,000 impressions in a single day. Inquire about having one of our trailer’s serve as a backdrop at your next event. We will do our best to accommodate and help the cause!