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  • When complete you will be provided a discount code to use when purchasing transportation that will apply the 20% discount. Example: If you reserve $1000 and you have a shipment for $500 - that shipment will be $400 (20% off). You will then have $500 remaining eligible to use on a shipment(s) discounted 20%.

  • Reserved capacity can be used anytime based on availability – but must be used by 12/31/2018

  • Any reserved capacity not used will be billed that amount on January 2nd 2019. We will remind you weekly of remaining capacity.

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- I understand I have reserved available capacity up to the amount above and receive a 20% discount. - I understand the capacity must be in Road Scholar Transport's core service area * see for map - I understand I must use the capacity I reserved by 12/31/2018. * Road Scholar will remind of unused capacity weekly. - I understand I will be billed for an unused capacity on Jan 2nd 2019
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