Road Scholar Transport is your local trucking company, providing a one-stop-shop for all of your LTL and truckload transportation needs throughout the Mid-Atlantic and New England regions. 

Headquartered in Dunmore, PA with additional terminals in Worcester, MA-Jersey City, NJ-Philadelphia, PA-Denver, PA-and Mechanicsburg, PA, 88% of northeast U.S. manufacturing and distribution falls within 60 miles of one of our terminals, making us your local trucking company.

road scholar terminal network

Road Scholar Transport began in 1988 when our owner, Jim Barrett, leased a tractor trailer and acted as its sole driver while his wife Debra took on the role of dispatcher from their son’s bedroom.  Since then, Road Scholar has developed into an industry leader with over 100 tractors and more than 400 trailers. 

While our company size is continuously growing, two things have remained the same over the years:  we are still your regional, local trucking company and have never changed our company’s purpose, which is to provide 1st class transportation products and creative solutions while delighting the customer.  Our first responsibility is to our customer (as individuals, their product, and their brand).  We are committed to providing our customers with innovative tracking and security technology solutions at a fair return and are committed to safety at our facilities and on roadways. 

We take pride in our low damage claim record, which is well below the industry average mainly because we don’t handle the products as much (we are a load to ride 100% asset-based carrier).  We retain positive CSA scores and run well-maintained, newer equipment driven by our uniformed drivers who are trained in both hazmat and non-hazmat transport, so you will be certain that a presentable and knowledgeable driver is arriving at you and your customer’s docks. 

We at Road Scholar are constantly pushing the performance envelope with new technology, keeping you informed of exactly where your freight is at all times and the conditions in which they were transported, including satellite tracking down to street-level, geofencing capability, and a record of what was transported in our trailer prior to your shipment.

Is your freight temperature sensitive?  No problem.  We do NOT use blankets to sustain temperature conditions.  Our trailers can be set as low as -22°F to as high as 89°F and are imbedded with technology that tracks the temperature within and alerts our team in the event that the temperature goes out of range so that we can rectify the situation prior to the product losing its integrity.  We can also provide you with a full audit trail that includes the temperature within the trailer throughout the entire transportation process and every time the trailer door was opened and closed.

Road Scholar Transport is equipped with some of the most advanced security features on the market today.  Our self-created “Pentagon Distribution Model” provides 100% accountable secure transport by focusing on technology, visibility, protocols, equipment, and audit trails.  Our drivers, trailers, and power units are all equipped with redundant GPS tracking and our trailers are locked with U.S. Customs approved Navilock.  Road Scholar Transport has an around the clock dispatch and operations center and all of our facilities are physically fenced and have 24 x 7 x 365 video surveillance.   Our strong emphasis on security is one of the reasons why we have NEVER suffered a full cargo loss.   Road Scholar Transport is so well-versed in cargo security that our owner has done several radio interviews and presentations on cargo security.

Are you looking for a local trucking company that can get your products there quick?  We offer 24-hour expedited service for those time critical situations with air-ride suspension equipped on all of our trailers so your cargo is ensured a smooth ride from pick up to delivery. 

It is statistically proven that cargo at rest is cargo at risk with the greatest number of cargo thefts occurring on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Long holiday weekends further increase these numbers.  Road Scholar Transport, however, offers weekend delivery service for our customers, getting their products delivered quickly and reducing cargo theft.  This is particularly useful in temperature sensitive shipments.  Unlike many of our regional competitors who will not pick up protect from freezing shipments on a Friday because they do not want to be responsible for protecting it throughout the weekend, we have a protect from freezing policy that allows us to pick up and deliver five days a week.  We at Road Scholar think that a competent supplier should be able to provide 100% temperature protect coverage and not the conventional 80% (Mon-Thur.). 

While cost is not the only factor in choosing a local trucking company, it does come into play and can add up fast for those shipments in which delicate cargo cannot be stacked in fear of damaging the products.  We offer deck trailers that allow us to deploy a second floor, consolidating shipments, improving efficiency and reducing cost.

Additionally, Road Scholar is committed to protecting the environment and energy efficiency which is why we are Smartway certified.

Our company is synonymous with security, technology, safety, and on time transportation and has become a problem solver to our customers, molding and adapting to their specific needs.  Growing each year, Road Scholar Transport remains a family business who never forgot its roots.

We are also a local trucking company that has a social conscience.  Our awareness campaign consists of over three dozen (and growing) brightly colored tractor trailers that travel the nation spreading awareness to several different causes.  From our bright yellow Alex’s Lemonade truck to our pink breast cancer tractor trailer where it all began, our company is on the road to a cure.  These trucks also add an extra layer of security to our freight (who would steal one of these trucks and go unnoticed)?

For a reliable carrier you can trust to get the job done right, choose Road Scholar Transport as your local trucking company.

If you want to stay up all night and worry about your freight, that’s your problem.  If you don’t, that’s our problem.