THE POWER OF 3:  We use this as a benchmark philosophy at Road Scholar.  By providing exceptional and memorable experiences for 3 entities: internal associates (including our driver community), customers, and our customer’s customers, we believe we harness a power where we all prosper – together.


High Security Shipping:  Why road scholar transport  is the wise choice for protecting high value targets in transit:

  • 100% asset based carrier.
  • Never suffered a full cargo loss in company history.
  • Expedited services available.
  • Qualified, background checked drivers who are constantly trained on the latest cargo theft threats.
  • All shipment location and temperature tracked and monitored real time via telematics.
  • Geofencing capability-route and customer specific.
  • 24 x 7 dispatch and oversight.
  • US customs approved Navalock-bolt cutter, sledgehammer and chisel proof.
  • Dedicated use and teams.
  • Electronic door monitoring providing e-mail alerting, online monitoring/reporting, on-demand GPS location, and complete coverage throughout North & Central America.
  • Brightly colored and easily distinguishable awareness trucks.

Protecting Your Freight and Your BRAND

Babaco Truck Locks help ensure secure freight via a lock that connect be cut, broken, or shimmed.  You cargo trailer security as the foundation of any secure shipping service.?

High Security Shipping Resources


We use the Babaco TRUK-LOC V on high security loads.  A lock that CANNOT be shimmed, lost, cut, stolen, or forgotten.

Road Scholar uses track, trace, and temperature monitoring solutions from Orbcomm to keep an electronic eye on freight.

Video FAQ on Cargo Security

Like something from a Si-Fi film - the future is now with collision avoidance systems that help keep our trucks a safe distance from other vehicles and hazards

Rollover will no doubt damage your freight and can be a tragic event.  Electronic stability controls help protect the fright and prevent the accident