THE POWER OF 3:  We use this as a benchmark philosophy at Road Scholar.  By providing exceptional and memorable experiences for 3 entities: internal associates (including our driver community), customers, and our customer’s customers, we believe we harness a power where we all prosper – together.


Hazmat and Chemical transport: why road scholar transport is the wise solution for hazmat shipping services and chemical transport:

  • 100% asset based carrier.
  • Dedicated use and teams.
  • All shipment location and temperature tracked and monitored real time via telematics.
  • Dock-to-dock, no transfers cutting back on the handling of your products.
  • Experienced drivers who are kept “up to speed” on the latest techniques to prevent accidents and protect hazardous cargo.
  • 24 x 7 dispatch and oversight.
  • Air ride equipment.
  • Protect from freezing service.
  • Anti-collision sensors to prevent our trucks from hitting a forward vehicle as well as anti-rollover technology.
  • 7 strategic terminal and relay locations reaching 88% of northeast distribution in under 30 minutes.  read more.
  • 5 Million Dollars in Hazmat \ Pollution Coverage.

$5,000,000 in HAZMAT and Pollution coverage!

5 Million Dollars in Pollution Coverage

Road Scholar Report: Transporting Automobile Batteries Regulations and Guidance

Any company, agency, or employee that manufactures, distributes, transports, loads, or sells batteries needs to have a thorough understanding of how batteries are produced, packaged, stored, transported, and recycled. Knowing every step from creation to disposal helps each entity along the way make informed wise decisions. Each decision affects the entire planet at large.   We have 20+ years experience handling automotive batteries and have documented from our experience and regulations the guide below.

Hazmat and Chemical Transport Resources


We use the Babaco TRUK-LOC V on high security loads.  A lock that CANNOT be shimmed, lost, cut, stolen, or forgotten.

Road Scholar uses track, trace, and temperature monitoring solutions from Orbcomm to keep an electronic eye on freight.

Rollover will no doubt damage your freight and can be a tragic event.  Electronic stability controls help protect the fright and prevent the accident

Road Scholar spares little expense on equipment that ensures the safety of your freight, our drivers, and others on the road.  Bendix disc breaking solutions are a prime example

Like something from a Si-Fi film - the future is now with collision avoidance systems that help keep our trucks a safe distance from other vehicles and hazards