JAM Works Case Study

Located in Mayfield, PA rests veteran-owned JAM Works, a fascinating company specializing in the programming and distribution of robotic arms used in industries to handle materials.

Harry Morgan, project manager at JAM Works, puts it simply.  “We ship robotic arms, which we purchase, then we design (mechanical/electrical/programming) and build components for the EOTA (End of Arm Tool).  There may be a just a few programs we have to build for the movement and execution of the arm or there may be many.  This all depends upon what our customer’s needs are.”


With the complexity of these robots, it comes as no surprise that these products are very expensive and very fragile, relying on its safe transport to the customer. 

“Our shipping requirements are simple,” states Morgan.  “We look for local reliable service, a good price and on time delivery.  We do require air ride trailers for our robots.  What do we look for in carriers?  Simply and honestly put, the same values as our shipping requirements.”

With a damage claim record well below industry standards (0.0003%) and a reputation for being well versed in cargo security, Road Scholar Transport was called upon to move such product. 

“I picked this full trailer load up in Mayfield, PA and assisted with the loading,” states Road Scholar driver Mike Duffy.  “I then proceeded with the final safety strapping to allow it to get to the final destination Americraft Carton in MA.  The entire load was not a normal pallet type delivery.  Every section was a different size and height.  The trailer had to be loaded like putting a puzzle together, with weight distribution put into the picture.  The heaviest piece (robot unit) was a very top heavy load section that was loaded last to put it over the trailer rear tandem.  I used a total of 24 logistic straps to prevent any lateral or forward movement.  The product was delivered within 24 hours to the purchaser with no issues at all.”

It was then that Morgan was notified by his customer that they received their product on time and in good condition.

The large yellow robot that Road Scholar transported is used to move heavy materials, which increase efficiency and decrease costs while cutting back on accidents/injuries if these jobs were to be handled by humans.

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If you have a difficult or unusual load that needs extra care and precaution during transport consider Road Scholar Transport for your shipping needs.