Why Choose Road Scholar? BECAUSE…


•      Average Tractor Age < 3 years

•      Trailer Decking and Security Gates

•      Drive Cams

•      Navilock

•      Wingman Collision Avoidance Systems

•      Air Ride Equipment

•      Anti Rollover Protection

•      Roof Decals

•      Aluminum Floor Trailers 

Technical Capabilities 

•      ReeferTrak

o   Reefer GPS

o   Electronic Door Seals

o   Remote Temperature Monitoring and Management

•      Tractor, Trailer, and Driver Phone GPS

•      In Cab Messaging

•      Geofencing

•      Panic Disable

•      Electronic Door Seals

•      Point of Pickup or Delivery Scanning

•      Internal trailer security gates 

Minimal Damage Claims 

Temp. Control 

•      We do not use blankets to sustain temperature conditions

•      Trailers can be set as low as -22°F to as high as 89°F

•      Our reefers are imbedded with technology that tracks the temperature within and alerts our team in the event that the temperature goes out of range so that we can rectify the situation prior to the product losing its integrity 

Security and Brand Protection 

•      Our self-created “Pentagon Distribution Model” provides 100% accountable secure transport by focusing on technology, visibility, protocols, equipment, and audit trails

•      Drivers, trailers, and power units are all equipped with redundant GPS tracking

•      Uniformed drivers with toughest driver background checks in the business, constantly trained on the latest cargo transport threats

•      Modern equipment with state-of-the-art rollover and braking controls.  Trailers locked with U.S. Customs approved Navilock

•      Around the clock dispatch and operations center.  All facilities are physically fenced and have 24 x 7 x 365 video surveillance.  Road Scholar facilities and customer facilities (upon request) are geofenced

•      31 years’ experience hauling high-valued targets and never suffered a full truckload loss

•      Internal security gates which allow us the ability to separate your cargo from other freight, preventing damage concerns by securely locking your freight within a portion of our trailer 

$5 million in pollution coverage 

LTL and Truckload Services 

Expedited Shipping 

Dedicated Service

Hazmat Certified Drivers

Deck Trailers

•      By deploying a second floor with our deck trailers, we are able to consolidate shipments, improving efficiency and reducing cost.

Weekend Delivery Service

•      Getting your product delivered quickly and reducing cargo theft.   

Awareness Program

•      Currently spreading awareness for over 3 dozen different causes

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