Where’s My Freight? Congestion Costs Trucking Over $63 Billion a Year According to ATRI

The American Transportation Research Institute released starting statistics this week regarding the cost of trucks sitting in traffic.

The report, entitled “Cost of Congestion to the Trucking Industry: 2017 Update,” focused on the following 2015 statistics:

*Congestion on U.S. highways cost the trucking industry over $63 billion in operating expenses a year and includes over 996 million hours of lost productivity. 1

*There was a $0.23 increase in the cost per truck of vehicle miles traveled due to congestion.2

*Congestion results in a $63.70 cost per hour per driver while the average congestion cost per truck increased in 2015 to $5,664 .1

*The top five states contributing the most to congestion costs were Florida (with over $5.3 billion), Texas (>$5.1 billion), California (>$4.1 billion), New York (>3.9 billion), and New Jersey, (>$2.9 billion).3

*California experienced a 171.3% percent increase in congestion costs in 2015 versus 2014 while Kentucky saw a 123.6% hike. 3

*Along with congestion increases in 2015, the country witnessed “the largest percentage increase in nearly 50 years” for traffic incidents. 3

Besides fuel consumption, wear and tear, etc., factor in drivers running out of hours and missed picks ups and deliveries, leading customers to ask “where’s my freight?”  Drivers have even acknowledged driving out of their way (sometimes an extra hundred miles) to avoid congested areas and make appointment times.

Click here to read ATRI’s entire report.