Trucking Updates: Here’s What’s Going On

Riskiest Roads: 

Video telematics company, Lytx, researched and released its list of roads in the US that are said to be 172 times riskier for truck drivers to travel on.  These include the following (1):

*Pennsylvania Route 309: Near Vera Cruz Road, Upper Saucon Township, (South of Allentown)

*Pennsylvania Route 309: Near W. Emmaus Avenue, Allentown (Southeast of Queen City Municipal Airport)

*Pennsylvania Route 181: Near Crooked Hill Road, Susquehanna Township (East of Harrisburg Area Community College)

*Tennessee Interstate 40: Near Green Hill Road, Dandridge (East of Knoxville)

*Tennessee Interstate 24: Near Belvoir Avenue, Chattanooga (Southwest of Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport)

Riskiest Days/Times:

Lytx’s findings also uncovered the days/times of the week that posed the most danger for drivers on the road.   

*Wed. early morning (between 2 and 4 am) is when the most collisions occur, with Monday holding the least collisions of the week. (1) 

*The most collisions occurred during the night (between 11 pm and 5 am) (1) 

Top Industry Issues-From a Carrier’s Point of View: 

The American Transportation Research Institute recently released a survey reflecting what carriers and drivers’ deem to be the largest issues facing the industry today.  For the second year in a row, the driver shortage took the number one spot for carriers.  This was followed by driver retention, hours-of-service, infrastructure/congestion/funding, and the electronic logging device, rounding out the top five. (2)

Top Industry Issues-From a Driver’s Point of View

Ironically, the driver shortage came in 9th on the drivers’ lists of concerns, placing hours-of-service first followed by truck parking, which placed 9th for carriers.  The electronic logging device mandate came in third followed by driver distraction and driver retention. (2)

Brake Safety Week Results: 

Brake Safety Week took place Sept. 16 through the 22nd and resulted in over 35,000 commercial vehicle inspections and nearly 5,000 out-of-services due to critical brake problems. (3)

Truck Orders:

In the third quarter, class 8 truck orders grew 7% higher than the record high, with a 10 month estimated backlog.  Trailer orders for September hit a monthly record by nearly 10,000 units. (4)  FTR raised factory estimates in 2019 to 350,000 units.

Stay tuned to for more industry news.