Trucking Industry Seeking Millennial Drivers

The trucking industry as a whole is growing, creating a high demand for drivers. The majority of the drivers are currently those of the baby boomer generation which is on the decline.  The industry now needs to look at the millennial generation to take over and keep up with the demand.  “The millennial generation could hold the key to the trucking industry’s need for new drivers.  Not only is there a place for them behind the wheel, but a trucking career is also full of unique benefits and perks that can help millennials build a great resume, earn valuable experience, and make a sustainable living at the same time.”1

Travel Opportunities

A desk job is not for everyone.  Some individuals would rather do something different each day.  Truck driving careers offer that especially when there are long distances involved.  Trucking can give a person a sense of adventure.  Every day there is something new-- a new location, a new sight to be seen, and a new story to be told.

Road Scholar Transport offers flexible dispatching, allowing our local drivers to be home nightly and our regional drivers to be home on the weekends.  We know how important family time is and want to make sure that our drivers are able to enjoy their personal life.  We also offer our drivers set schedules.  This type of schedule allows drivers to build relationships with our customers, which benefits both companies and the driver.  One of our drivers who has been with Road Scholar for 10 years, enjoys having scheduled set runs.  “It's rare that I go some places I have not been before,” says John Graczyk.  “Building a relationship with the customers I serve is probably what I enjoy the most.  I can change delivery times to accommodate weeks where there are holidays or weather forecast.”


Other than traveling, the trucking industry offers other benefits for you and your family.  Here at Road Scholar Transport, we provide healthcare benefits, dental insurance, a 401k retirement plan, paid vacation, and holiday time.  Along with that, we offer our drivers overtime, a family discount program, and recognition awards.  We also provide our drivers with uniforms and well maintained modern equipment.

Stable Income

Since the industry needs drivers, competitive pay is becoming increasingly common across the industry along with job security.  Road Scholar Transport drivers are some of the highest paid in the industry.  We offer regional drivers $0.60 per mile, so the more miles you cover, the more money you make.  Our local drivers are paid $26 per hour.1  

Driver Demand

“Trucking companies want to work with millennials.  As the previous generation nears retirement and the need for drivers continues to grow, companies across the country are eager and willing to hire new and passionate millennial drivers.” 1  There is no doubt that this industry is struggling to find drivers to keep up with this demand, but that seems to be a good thing for the millennial generation.  There is a promising future for this generation in the trucking industry and it should be presented to them.

Road Scholar Transport is looking for dedicated drivers to become a part of our family!  Our President, James Barrett, takes the time to know our drivers and lets them know he is there for them no matter what.  Our driver John Graczyk says, “Another thing I like about the company is if there is an issue or concern we have access to the owner.”  We take pride in everything we do from the shipping aspects, to doing our part in the community, and to raising awareness for charities.

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A great place to work; you’re in fact, part of the family business. Nice equipment, wonderful people, pay is good, and most of all the Pride at Road Scholar.”

- Darrell Hampton