This Winter Will Be Cold: Temperature Protected Trailers Can Help

Winters can be stressful times for companies that need to ship products across the country.  Depending on the product, the cold weather can be very harmful and can even damage the product to the point that it can no longer be used.  This may be more of a problem with perishable goods such as food, but it can also be an issue for sensitive products such as electronics and chemicals.  While some of these items can handle minor temperature fluctuations, they aren't good with the extreme cold that can be a big part of the winter months throughout a lot of the country.  Fortunately, Road Scholar Transport offers temperature protect trailers to help protect your freight from freezing.


How Are Trailers Protected From Extreme Temperatures?

Many carriers use blanket wrap, but we DO NOT.  Our reefers are imbedded with technology that tracks the temperature within and alerts our team in the event that the temperature goes out of range so that we can rectify the situation prior to the product losing its integrity.  We can also provide an audit trail of the trailer temperature throughout the entire transportation process, giving you and your customer piece of mind that your products maintained the proper quality and security from point A to point B.


What Does This Winter Hold for Shipping Companies?

Early estimates for the 2018-2019 winter show that it's going to be warmer than average, and that it's also going to rain more than expected.  But those early estimates aren't always accurate.  In some cases, these estimates end up being very far off from what actually happens.  Shipping companies need to be aware of that, as do manufacturers.  Any company that has goods needing to be shipped over the winter will want to keep an eye on the weather, but it's far less of an issue when they have a shipping company they can rely on to protect the temperature in their trailers.


The Farmer's Almanac May Disagree With Other Forecasts

Even with other estimates saying that the weather's going to be warm, The Farmer's Almanac says that's not the case.  Instead, it calls for "teeth-chattering" cold that is going to grip much of the nation, at least through the deepest part of the winter months.  With that in mind, temperature protected trailers are going to be more important and more necessary than ever.  While not everyone believes the Almanac, it has been proven to have a high degree of accuracy over the years.  Because of that, shipping companies and the companies that use them for their goods and services should work together to make a plan early on.


There are a lot of ways to protect products and shipping is just a part of that.  But having the right kinds of shipping options, and having the opportunity to use temperature protected trailers in the winter months, can go a very long way towards making sure that companies can ship their products with as little risk as possible.  


Road Scholar Transport is the carrier you need to avoid that million dollar pharmaceutical theft.  That widespread recall.  That vicarious liability suit.  With the toughest security products in the industry today preventing driver access to your freight and the documentation you need including the live status of your shipment from pickup to delivery, historical temperature alerts, as well door closures and openings, Road Scholar is your one stop (or multi-stop) LTL and TL carrier keeping our customers satisfied and your freight safe.


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