The Food Safety Modernization Act

The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) defines a new standard of safety measures for delivering food and beverages, one that ensures higher sanitization in the freight industry.  Created from industry best practices and signed into law in 2011, the FSMA actually gives shippers opportunities to reduce costs and improve operations.

There is much more to the FSMA than legal compliance.  Here are just a few of the ways that compliance can benefit shippers.

Reducing Overhead Costs

Compliance with the FSMA forces a company to audit its overhead.  Finding the bloat in the system is sometimes a time consuming practice that does not bring immediate benefits; however, it always helps in the long term.  The threat of government regulation has led savvy companies to become more self-regulatory, which has saved them a great deal of money over longer production arcs.

Upgrading Technology

The shipping industry is becoming more connected by the day.  Companies that hope to do business down the road are well served to future proof their tech practices today.  Upgrading away from legacy systems helps to provide shippers with a more centralized, more easily assessable system.  The longer that a company waits to implement these systems, the more they cost when playing catch up.

Improving the technology in the supply chain is advantageous to all involved.  If security measures are more stringent throughout the entire chain, there is a higher guarantee of a quality product.  Quality means less money spent on maintenance, repairs and upkeep, which means higher profit margins and peace of mind.

The Supply Chain

The end user does not know or care about the steps in the supply chain that are not specifically customer facing; however, every brand in the chain is on the line if the end user is unhappy.  Bringing a company up to FSMA compliance standards protects not only the individual company, but every other company in the chain.

With a durable, stalwart supply chain in place, end to end service can happen more quickly.  As trust is built, efficiency can improve.  Efficiency means higher profit margins without a need to scale labor or operations costs.

The Customer Experience

A better supply chain means a better customer experience.  If everyone adheres to the same standard, then everyone can hold everyone else accountable.  For the brands that are not customer facing, this means better business.  For the brands that are customer facing, a better customer experience means more trust.  More trust leads to larger orders at higher frequencies, which helps everyone's bottom line.

Road Scholar Transport is the transportation company you can count on to deliver your products to a standard that surpasses the FSMA baseline.  We offer transport for both dry and temperature controlled products.  We are a 100% asset based carrier and we monitor every delivery in real time to ensure the best supply chain and customer experience possible.

Give one of our dedicated experts a call today with any questions you may have about how we keep you in compliance with FSMA standards.  We look forward to providing you with a service you can trust that delivers your product at the standard you deserve.

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