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Tips on Preventing Cargo Theft this Holiday Season

Tips on Preventing Cargo Theft this Holiday Season

While the third quarter experienced an 18% decrease in stolen goods when compared to the same period last year, cargo theft remains a large problem that costs the industry nearly $30 billion a year according to the FBI.  With the upcoming holiday season, we are quickly approaching some of the busiest retail days of the year, including Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which means an increase in shipping and a greater chance of thieves making out with truckloads of merchandise.  In fact, cargo theft incidents in the third quarter rose 24% compared to 2Q 2017, with the 4th quarter being considered the peak season for thieves with theft rising as much as 40% on holiday weekends. (1, 2)

Authorities Recover $1 Million Shoe Theft, Thieves Still at Large

 Authorities Recover $1 Million Shoe Theft, Thieves Still at Large

Earlier this month, thieves stole a chassis container trailer of footwear from a warehouse yard in Torrance, CA.  Without releasing the location of the theft or brand of products, authorities noted that the shoes, which consisted of both men’s and women’s sneakers, had a retail value of over $100 per pair, placing the load of 10,728 pairs at over $1 million.

ISIS Calls on Followers to Poison Food Products, Protect Your Cargo Today

 ISIS Calls on Followers to Poison Food Products, Protect Your Cargo Today

Terror monitoring agencies uncovered postings Tuesday on known ISIS message forums calling for its followers to inject poison, including cyanide, into food at Western supermarkets. 1

Cargo Theft Declines in Second Quarter

CargoNet recently released its quarterly cargo theft report for the U.S. and Canada.  Here were their findings:

How Many:

*Cargo theft was down in 2017’s 2nd quarter, decreasing from 358 supply chain risk incidents (these include theft of vehicles and cargo as well as fraud) in 1Q 2017 to 296 in 2Q, a 53% drop when compared to the same quarter 2016.

*Out of the 296 incidents:

-Nearly 50% were cargo theft1

-58% involved vehicle theft (110 tractors and 109 trailers) 1, 2

-9% involved fraud1

How Much

*The value of theft decreased from $28.7 million in 1Q to $17.2 million.  Compared to last year, cargo theft is down $35.1 million in value.2

*The average loss per incident was $202,774, which was higher than 1Q ($149,522).2


It comes as no surprise that food and beverage was the most stolen commodity and once again, household goods came in second.


*The location in which the thefts occurred switched positions quarter-over-quarter with warehouses taking the number one spot followed by unsecured yards.2

*While theft in California decreased 53% since 2016, it remained the top state for cargo theft followed by Texas.2

Stay Informed

Learn more about “Cargo Theft Hot Spots, Where Cargo and Freight Theft Occurs, and Cargo Theft Prevention Tips” in the video to the right.

Reduce Your Risk

Cargo theft will always be a threat to the supply chain industry but there are ways to help reduce your risk by choosing a secure carrier who is well versed in cargo theft prevention.

Road Scholar Transport’s self-created “Pentagon Distribution Model” provides 100% accountability and secure transport by focusing on technology, visibility, protocols, equipment, and audit trails.  Here are some of the ways we are protecting your high risk freight:

*Locks:  TS4A-Instantly locks all air breaks, preventing unauthorized movements

               Navalock-U.S. Customs approved

Babco lock-Learn more at

*Weekend Delivery:  It is statistically proven that cargo at rest is cargo at risk with the greatest number of cargo thefts occurring on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Road Scholar Transport, however, offers weekend delivery service for our customers, getting their products delivered quickly and reducing the risk of theft.

*Asset-tracking:  Both on the tractor and trailer along with aerial and satellite tracking (down to street level).

*Vivid colors:  Our brightly colored awareness trucks make it harder for anyone to steal our trucks.

*Security gate trailers:  Internal security gates allow us the ability to separate your cargo from other freight, preventing damage concerns by securely locking your freight within a portion of our trailer.  See how it works at

*Drivers:  Uniformed drivers who undergo toughest driver background checks in the business, constantly trained on the latest cargo transport threats.

*Geofencing:  Route or facility specific

*Facility Security:  Around the clock dispatch and operations center.  All facilities are physically fenced and have 24 x 7 x 365 video surveillance.

*Expedited Service:  24-hour expedited service throughout our core service areas.

*Electronic door monitoring

This is part of why we never suffered a full cargo theft in our company’s history!

Learn more about Road Scholar’s high security shipping here and visit for an LTL or truckload freight rate today.




Trucks Increasingly Used as Weapons, TSA Warns Of Possible Terrorist Attacks

 	 Trucks Increasingly Used as Weapons, TSA Warns Of Possible Terrorist Attacks

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) released a six-page report last week urging carriers to be on guard for terrorists hijacking trucks and driving them into crowds, creating weapons of mass destruction.