Night Before Christmas

‘Twas The Night Before Christmas…Road Scholar Edition

As tradition, Road Scholar Transport is bringing you our rendition of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.


‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, when all through the house,

Everyone was crying, including the mouse.


For the news on the internet was dreadfully sad,

That Christmas this year, was not to be had.


The problem being, there is no snow,

The reindeer and sled, just could not GO.


Santa had a problem spreading smiles and joy,

unable to deliver presents to each girl and boy.


Walking, pacing, wondering what to do,

He turned to Rudolph for his point of view.


Santa!  Santa!  I know what to do.

Call a trucker to do what you do.


Pick up the toys at the North Pole,

And deliver the goods to each and every soul


Rudolph, pray tell, who might we call,

To fix this problem, that is NOT small?


Time is short and the weather stinks.

Give me the name of the trucker you think.


Santa, Santa, I know of a hauler.

Get on the internet and find Road Scholar.


They have the trucks to get this job done,

And, quite frankly, they are the only one.


So off to the desktop did St. Nicholas run,

To Google Road Scholar to get the job done.


As soon as he clicked on the web page required,

Road Scholar appeared, ready to be hired.


Hey Scholar, Scholar, I need your help.

Can you help me and my number one elf?


Our sleigh needs snow and we have none.

Will you move our toys and distribute the fun?


Santa, Santa, of course we shall do,

To support you, the elves and Mrs. Claus too.


Our trucks are fueled and ready to go.

We are especially quick, when there is no snow.


So off to the satellite did Road Scholar type,

To all of its drivers their runs on this night.


Joey, Jim, Walter and Mike,

Would run west with all of their might.


Bob, Mario, Tim and Tom will head east in a hurry,

And regarding the speed traps, will not worry.


The Philly team will handle points south and about,

While Worcester will deliver the New England route.


Time was short and the sun was rising,

As the trucks ran without compromising.


They left not a skid, the speed they did obey,

And their expedited service had it there the same day.


Giving a tug on the horn they did blow,

Heading back to the terminal the trucks they did go.


Santa had been tracking his shipments on Road Scholar’s website,

For never was a boy, girl, or toy left out of his sight.


When the status read ‘Delivered’ he left out a sigh of relief,

Knowing Road Scholar had saved so much grief.


He turned off his computer and headed for bed,

Without worry of one damaged or stolen toy in his head.


But I heard him exclaim as he walked out of sight,

For reliable and fast service, choose Road Scholar to do the job right!