Road Scholar’s Trucks Hit the Road for National Endometriosis and American Red Cross Awareness Month

March is National Endometriosis and American Red Cross Awareness Month and you guessed it, we have an awareness truck for that!


Endometriosis, when the lining of the uterus spreads to other pelvic organs causing severe pain and taking a toll on the quality of life sufferers must bear, affects nearly 176 million women worldwide and over 11% of American women.  Commonly found in women who are in their 30s or 40s, the disease often goes undiagnosed for several years and can lead to infertility.  Unfortunately, while treatments can help ease symptoms, there is currently no cure for endometriosis. (1)

Peggy’s Pathway

Peggy’s Pathway.jpg

Over 61,000 women will be diagnosed with uterine/endometrial cancer this year and sadly, nearly 11,000 will pass away, mostly because the disease went unnoticed until it reached an advanced stage.  So was the case for Peggy Pettinato.

“My mother was diagnosed in May 2014 with uterine (endometrial) cancer,” says Natalie O’Hara, the youngest of Peggy’s four children.  “The disease had already progressed to Stage IV by the time symptoms appeared and the cancer was diagnosed.  She underwent surgery as well as chemotherapy, both the state of the art at the time, however these treatments were not successful and the cancer took her life on Jan. 16, 2015.  In seeking a way to memorialize her the year following her death, we had difficulty finding any information about studies being done on early detection or innovative treatments of endometrial cancer to which we could contribute in her memory.  Because of that, our family has created a foundation in her memory to fight the devastating disease that unfortunately claimed her life.  Discussions about the foundation began in 2016; however our first official meeting with our committee was in early 2017.” 

That’s when Peggy’s Pathway for Women’s Cancer Care was born with two objectives in mind; early detection and innovative treatment. 

The Foundation’s goal is to raise at least $100,000 annually to help fund research. 

One day, Peggy’s husband Bob was talking to Jim Barrett, President of Road Scholar Transport, about his family and friends starting up the foundation and Jim further explained Road Scholar’s awareness trailers and the creation of one for Peggy’s Pathway.  Steve Tolerico, a committee member of the Foundation and President of IDGroup, designed the truck, which contains Peggy’s picture. 

“I think Road Scholar’s awareness program is a terrific program for both your company as well as the benefactor charities!” says Natalie.  “It brings awareness to the various causes you feature throughout your coverage area as a literal travelling billboard.  It also sets your company apart as charitable and active in your community, in addition to providing your core competency quality freight services to your customers.” 

While endometriosis and endometrial cancer are two different disorders, it’s important that we help spread the word about both conditions and help women understand the signs and get diagnosed/treated as soon as possible. 

American Red Cross 

The American Red Cross was established in 1881 by Clara Barton.  In recognition of the organization’s efforts, in 1943, March was designated as American Red Cross Month.   

Did you know?

According to the Red Cross, every 2 seconds someone requires blood in the U.S., with a car accident victim needing as much as 100 pints.  Nearly 6.8 million people donate blood each year in the U.S. and just one donation can save up to three lives, with 40% of the blood donations coming from the Red Cross. (2)

Road Scholar Transport is encouraging individuals to donate and help support the Red Cross save a life with our American Red Cross awareness truck, reminding people that Your Help Turns Heartbreak into Hope, Down the Street, Across the Country, and Around the World.


Road Scholar’s awareness truck has been traveling the country, delivering our customer’s LTL and Truckload freight while spreading the word for many years, attending blood drives and Red Cross events along the way.  For example, in 2012 Road Scholar utilized our Red Cross awareness truck to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy by transporting over 80,000 lbs of supplies for distribution in New York and New Jersey.

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