Road Scholar Transport, Your Solution for LTL Shipping

Are you constantly forced to hold shipments until you have a full truckload?  Do you continuously pay for unused space on incomplete trailers?  If so, Road Scholar Transport has a solution for you!  Our innovative less than truckload (LTL) shipping program gives our customers the best of both worlds; the shipping service they need along with cost effective pricing solutions.  

Benefits of Road Scholar LTL Shipping

Lower Shipping Prices- LTL shipping allows our customers to ship smaller amounts of their products without having to pay for the entire trailer.  We combine your shipment with similar products from other shippers to fill the unoccupied space, essentially splitting the cost and only paying for the portion you use.

Secure, Protected Shipping- Most LTL shipments are packaged onto pallets, which allow the freight to remain secure.  Road Scholar Transport maintains the safety of your product with our though internal security gates, these gates allow us to secure your freight and keep it separate from other items.  Our security gates also allow us to restrict access and protect the integrity of your product in real time.

True Shipment Optimization- Road Scholar Transport evaluates your transportation needs and designs a LTL program that not only saves you money, but also meets your scheduling and delivery needs, too.

Full Reporting – With LTL shipping, you still get the same great service, security, and attention to detail that you are accustomed to from our regular service.  You can track your shipment and see its status in real time.

Contact us for more information on our LTL shipping and our other services we can offer your company!