Pharmaceutical Transport: Protecting Your Freight from Freezing Weather Conditions

The cold weather is among us and if there’s one thing that all pharmaceutical manufacturers are aware of, it’s that one temperature fluctuation can pose large concerns for their products.  This is especially true during the transport process, stressing the need to choose a freight hauling company that is equipped to handle such high-value, temperature sensitive products.  Here are a few tips to help reduce your risk of product endangerment.

Know the Precise Temperature Requirements

Whether you are transporting flu vaccines or insulin for diabetic injections, you must maintain the precise temperature setting at all times.  For example, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that when storing and transporting H1N1 flu vaccines, these must maintain a temperature of 35 to 46 degrees Fahrenheit.  Any deviance in temperature results in a loss of potency and the vaccine becomes ineffective.  In many cases, the freezing of a vaccine can be more detrimental than if exposed to heat, leading to a loss in potency or increased sensitivity, ultimately resulting in widespread recalls, health concerns, thousands/millions of dollars worth in losses, as well as a hit to your brand name and reputation.

Proper temperature range sustainability is especially important during the distribution process, in which a carrier’s trailer can reach freezing temperatures as low as 14°F in winter conditions. 

Here’s where Road Scholar Transport can help.  Unlike many of our regional competitors who will not pick up protect from freezing shipments on a Friday because they do not want to be responsible for protecting it throughout the weekend, we have a protect from freezing policy that allows us to pick up and deliver five days a week.  We at Road Scholar think that a competent supplier should be able to provide 100% protect coverage and not the conventional 80% (Mon-Thur.).  Additionally, we also provide expedited service for those shipments that need to be there FAST.

How Are Trailers Protected From Extreme Temperatures?

As Pharmacy and Therapeutics Journal reports, “When drugs are improperly packaged, stored, or shipped, damage to them—or, worse yet, to patients—means potential damage to the pharmaceutical companies.  Along with subpar and spoiled products can come lawsuits and public relations nightmares, tarnished reputations, and shareholder distrust that cost companies more than dollars.”  Fortunately, with smart freight hauling practices, including using the right refrigerated trailers for pharmaceuticals, you can protect your shipping assets.

Many carriers use blanket wrap, but Road Scholar Transport DOES NOT.  Our reefers are imbedded with technology that tracks the temperature within and alerts our team in the event that the temperature goes out of range so that we can rectify the situation prior to the product losing its integrity.  We can also provide an audit trail of the trailer temperature throughout the entire transportation process, giving you and your customer piece of mind that your products maintained the proper quality and security from point A to point B.

Our temperature-controlled service is not limited to the pharmaceutical industry but any customer whose products must maintain set temperature conditions including chemical, food and beverages, agriculture, and more.  To learn more about Road Scholar Transport’s Temperature-Protect Service visit our Temperature Controlled Freight Services page here.  We welcome the opportunity to learn more about your transportation needs.  Contact us today.