New Survey on Detention Released

DAT Solutions recently released the results of a survey they conducted focused on the issue of driver detention at shipper and consignee docks.  The survey composed of input from 257 carriers and 50 brokers.  Here were their findings:

Carrier Responses

63% of drivers acknowledged being detained at a shipper and/or consignee’s dock for over three hours.1

54% of carriers stated that on average, detention time ranged from 3-4 hours.1

84% listed detention as a “top five” problem of theirs.

Drivers stated that when being detained, most were treated as if they were invisible.2

A mere 3% claimed to be paid on over 90% of detention instances while the rest admitted to rarely being paid for detention and when they were, it did not cover the full cost lost from being detained.1

Broker Responses

Compared to the 84% of carriers who recognized detention as a large issue of theirs, only 20% of brokers cited it as a challenge.3

Brokers believed that “their carriers’ drivers were being detained less than 30 percent of the time,” bringing light to the fact that many “may not be aware their carriers are being detained.”3

Most brokers only paid detention when they were able to collect it from shippers/receivers.2

Detention Audit

Last month, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration began its audit on the delays truckers are experiencing at shipper and consignee docks as part of the requirement set forth in the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act of 2015.