ISIS Calls on Followers to Poison Food Products, Protect Your Cargo Today

Terror monitoring agencies uncovered postings Tuesday on known ISIS message forums calling for its followers to inject poison, including cyanide, into food at Western supermarkets. 1

According to officials, the private forum provided a list of poisons that can be created and used to tamper with food products, urging its followers to poison “the non-Muslim,” including one terrorist post that contained a “graphic of a blood-covered hand with the words ‘First Method Poison’ written next to it.” 2What’s further disturbing is that in less than one day of the post being up, it was viewed 198 times with terrorist ties in “Brussels, Paris, Stockholm, Berlin, Nice, and even Florida,” bringing the reality of a possible disaster close to home. 2

It has already been discovered that ISIS had been using Iraqi prisoners as “human guinea pigs,” testing and perfecting their methods which included placing chemicals and pesticides in their food and water that was tasteless and colorless, killing many.1

While the government is being asked to raise terror threat levels, vendors are being advised to “diligently monitor customers lingering during nonpeak shopping hours,” especially for exposed food products.2

ISIS has been using social media to recruit young, impressionable Muslims for a number of devastating attacks including the recent violence on London Bridge last June in which three attackers rented a van and began to strike pedestrians, afterwards exiting the crashed vehicle and stabbing several people in the Borough Market area, killing 8 and injuring 48.

With the message post specifically calling for attacks in what they deem as the “disbelieving West,” it is essential to not only take extra precautions at the vendor level but throughout the entire distribution process.

Road Scholar Transport believes in the strong control and custody of the food products that we transport.   Here are some ways we are protecting your products from theft and tampering:

*Dedicated use and teams

*24 x 7 dispatch and oversight

*All shipment location and temperature tracked and monitored real time via telematics

*Dock-to-dock, no transfers, cutting back on the handling of your products

*24-hour expedited service

*Food grade aluminum floor trailers, creating a more sanitary environment for your products

*Electronic door monitoring, which provides e-mail alerting, online monitoring/reporting, on-demand GPS location, and complete coverage throughout North & Central America

*Roof decals for aerial tracking


-Accepted by US customs as a high security seal

-Bolt cutter, sledgehammer, and chisel proof

-5 ton breaking load on locking bar

*Babaco TRUK LOC V:

-Tested to withstand severe shock and weather

-Tamper Proof

-100% Weather Proof

-Eliminates the need for a padlock and seal

-Cannot be lost, cut, stolen, or broken

-Permanently installed on vehicle

-Integrates a high security Babaco® restricted keyway, eliminating the ability for drivers to duplicate keys

*Temperature gauge lock:  The temperature control device, as well as the on/off switch, is locked to prevent tampering

*Trailer brake locks:  Once the key is dislodged, the trailer cannot be moved as the air brakes are locked up

Learn more about Road Scholar’s high security shipping at and protect your food products today.