Hurricane Harvey Reaches Category 2 as Industry Prepares for Freight Impacts

Expected to be the “first Category 3 hurricane to hit the US in 12 years” as well as the first major hurricane in America since Hurricane Katrina produced its damaging effects back in 2005, according to FEMA, Hurricane Harvey has now reached a Category 2 as it makes its way through the Gulf of Mexico.1

The hurricane is said to touch down in Texas as a Category 3 tonight, anticipating a rainfall of nearly 35 inches along with strong 111 mph winds that can prove to be detrimental, possibly leaving those in Southern Texas without homes for weeks or months according to Houston’s National Weather Service.2Once it hits the Corpus Christi area, the hurricane is forecasted  to stall with the flood affecting Texas and the South. 2

As Texas residents continue to evacuate, shippers and carriers are bracing themselves for the impacts the storm will have on the freight industry.

As with any natural disaster, resources such as trucking are shifted to that region of the country to handle resupply and rebuilding efforts.  These disasters, no doubt, pose disruptive to productivity as flooding can lead to the closing of airports, seaports, and roads, causing significant transportation delays.

Shippers outside of the disaster region are sure to see an impact on transportation as well as emergency supplies are rushed in bulk to areas affected by the storm, sucking up otherwise normal trucking capacity.

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