Food and Medical Syringe Recalls Issued Due to Contamination Concerns

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report that nearly 48 million Americans are the victim of foodborne illnesses each year. 1  Food can become contaminated from a variety of means including environmental contamination (chemicals that are released into the air can enter food products), contamination during processing, the development of natural toxins on food crops due to climatic conditions, improper safety methods during transport, storage, packaging, and other levels of the supply chain process, and of course, adulteration (which is especially seen in stolen cargo situations). 2

While steps are being taken to enforce the safety of our food products, recalls continue to hit the market every day.  Here are a few of the most recent:

*Blue Bunny, Blue Bell, Chocolate Shoppe, and Publix are just a few of the companies recalling products containing Aspen Hills’ cookie dough after food safety issues pointing to a possible Listeria contamination were uncovered. 3The recall is said to affect 22,000 cases of cookie dough that was shipped to 27 manufacturers.

*Nestlé recalled its Drumstick ice cream cones after equipment in its California production line tested positive for Listeria. 4  The products, which did not test positive, were “inadvertently shipped to stores due to an error logging receipt of the test result.” 4

*A potential Salmonella contamination led to the recall of Osage Gardens’ Organic two-ounce Micro Greens which were sold to Colorado and Kansas Whole Foods Markets. 5

*Cesear Classics dog food, produced by Mars Petcare US, was recalled after plastic pieces were discovered in the food which poses as a choking hazard. 6

The Product Safety Rule, part of the Food Safety Modernization Act, is expected to prevent nearly 332,000 annual foodborne illnesses, according to the FDA. 7  Read the FDA’s Guidance for Industry: Sanitary Transportation of Food here.

Keep in mind, it’s not just food that can get contaminated.  Last week, Nurse Assist recalled lots of I.V. Flush Syringes after reports of Burkholderia cepacia bloodstream infections were reported when receiving intravenous care.  8

Keep your freight safe from contamination during transport by choosing a safe and secure carrier like Road Scholar Transport.  Here are a few ways we are helping minimize risk:

*Our trucks offer temperature protection for all types of needs, including frozen, refrigeration, and heating to keep foods of all kinds fresh from Point A to Point B.

*An unlimited number of temperature alerts that are defined by the user, so you will always know your food is being transported at the proper temperatures, and so will our drivers.

*A log of the history of the temperature inside the trailer during its entire journey, so you will have no concerns that your food may have been spoiled at some point along the way.

*All trailers are food grade safe, meaning they have aluminum floors and are kept to the highest sanitary standards at all times.

*Electronic door monitoring to make sure the door to the trailer has not been opened at any unauthorized point during the journey.

*Redundant traceability available on both the tractor and the trailer.

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