CargoNet Releases 2nd Quarter Cargo Theft Statistics

Less meant more last quarter, according to CargoNet’s 2nd quarter statistics, which found the number of cargo thefts to have dropped but the value of stolen goods increased.

CargoNet’s Command Center reported 297 theft incidents last quarter, which included 192 cargo thefts, 139 stolen trailers, and 124 tractors, these numbers decreasing from 173 trailers and 143 tractors in 2Q 2015. 1, 2

While the good news is that the number of cargo thefts dropped 15% compared to the same period last year, the value did not, rising $1.3 million from 2Q 2015 to around $39 million.2The average loss value went up from $63,243 last year to $330,339 with eight thefts in the second quarter being recorded at over $1 million, with the largest reaching over $8 million.2

Food and beverage was the number one stolen category, and while down 17% year-over-year, still had a $3.81 million loss.  Electronics accounted for the greatest value loss, totaling $14.6 million.2

Other statistics provided by CargoNet included most popular theft locations (warehouse/distribution centers followed by unsecured yards) and states which hosted the greatest number of thefts (Texas and California).

So what can you do to help prevent your freight from being stolen?  It starts with entrusting the right carrier with your products.  Here are a few ways Road Scholar Transport is helping to avoid cargo theft:

*It is statistically proven that cargo at rest is cargo at risk with the greatest number of cargo thefts occurring on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Road Scholar Transport, however, offers weekend delivery service for our customers, getting their products delivered quickly and reducing cargo theft.

*24-hour expedited service throughout our core service areas.

*Real-time satellite tracking

*Electronic door monitoring


*Facility Security

*Professional and experienced drivers who are subject to background checks and safety tests well beyond the industry standard.


*Internal security gates which block off a section of the trailer, providing an extra layer of security while helping to save money from having to otherwise pay for exclusive use of a trailer.  See a video of how it works below.

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