Cargo Thefts Spike Memorial Day Weekend but Road Scholar Has You Covered

In the U.S. cargo theft regularly spikes over Memorial Day weekend, particularly in trucking. The reason behind this spike is the increased number of shipments that are left unattended over the holiday. There are not many places open during this holiday weekend which means a lot of trucks are parked in unsecured parking lots making them more vulnerable. Between 2013 and 2019 there have been 126 thefts reported over Memorial Day weekend with a combined value of approximately $20.36 million (1). Experts say the best ways to ward off these Memorial Day thieves includes GPS Tracking, not leaving tractors and trailers unattended or unlocked, and verifying the authenticity of shipments and the drivers. That’s where Road Scholar Transport has you covered.

Road Scholar Transport can provide the additional security required for your shipment over the holiday weekend. We don’t leave high value loads unattended unless our trailer is in a 3rd party approved secure lot under CCTV. We use Babaco Locks that can’t be shimmed, lost, cut, stolen, or forgotten. We have untethered tracking capabilities, meaning we can track the tractor and the trailer separately. All of our refrigerated trailers have aerial decals on them for tracking purposes as well – we’ve never had to utilize this spec, but the State Police tell us that it would be very helpful if the trailer is ever stolen, and we believe them! Road Scholar Transport has a firm belief that our drivers are a direct representation of our company and our customers, which is why we have extremely stringent driver hiring requirements. Even in the driver starved market the industry is experiencing the extensive background checks, exclude 85% of applicants at Road Scholar. We will not hire someone simply because they can “fog the mirror” – our drivers share our top of mind mentality when it comes to customer satisfaction, and product integrity is a huge slice of that pie!

Road Scholar Transport can have your product on the shelves for the Memorial Day sale as well as replenishing the product immediately after the sale is over. Cargo thieves are no match for our technology and our ability to keep your shipment safe.