Awareness Spotlight: Road Home Foundation

You may have seen Road Scholar Transport’s Road Home Foundation awareness truck on the road, “Quietly supporting injured warriors and their families in times of need.”  But what exactly is the Road Home Foundation and where did the idea to create a truck for them come about?  Vice President & Board of Director for the Road Home Foundation for Injured Warriors and Families’ Michael Docherty explains:

“The Road Home Foundation is focused on serving the needs of injured soldiers and their families.  We know that there are many excellent, well-established foundations and non-profits supporting our injured soldiers and veterans and yet, there are still often gaps in addressing injured soldiers’ needs, often when immediate support is needed.  That’s where we come in.  We hold regular fundraising events (often in partnership with others) to collect funds that are made available on short notice for support in times of need.  Whether for funeral expenses, lawn care, or even in vocational training, we have a rapid-response process for proposing an award and gaining board approval.  The process is fast, but still ensures adequate diligence to make sure that the donations we receive are put to good use.”

“One of our board members, Trish Ciorrocco, has done business with Road Scholar and made Jim Barrett aware of our foundation in late 2015.  We were amazed to see the breadth of causes supported and we immediately grasped the genius of the idea: rolling billboards that could advocate for important causes.  We were very impressed and so happy to be asked to participate.”

“The design [of the truck] was a collaborative effort between the designers at Road Scholar and our own design resource.  While the family depicted on our awareness trailer is not one of our recipients, we felt the picture represented our families very well.  We pride ourselves in protecting the identities of our award recipients.  Our reporting and tracking monitor how the funds are used, but the family’s identity is never revealed publicly.  We want to be ‘quiet advocates’ for these soldiers and their families, maintaining respect for their dignity and their need for privacy, especially in times of need.”

“We first saw the trailer in November 2016 and are definitely hoping to link up for a special event in the future.  It’s a fantastic program that reflects positively on Road Scholar Transport and its customers, while at the same time providing awareness and visibility for important causes that can improve people’s lives.  We’re grateful to have been included in this outstanding initiative.”

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