Authorities Recover $1 Million Shoe Theft, Thieves Still at Large

Earlier this month, thieves stole a chassis container trailer of footwear from a warehouse yard in Torrance, CA.  Without releasing the location of the theft or brand of products, authorities noted that the shoes, which consisted of both men’s and women’s sneakers, had a retail value of over $100 per pair, placing the load of 10,728 pairs at over $1 million.

It comes as no surprise that the theft occurred on a Sunday, since most thefts occur over the weekend due to cargo sitting with many businesses being closed.  Two days later, authorities uncovered the trailer in Whittier, less than an hour away; however, the goods were gone.

Los Angeles Police Department’s Cargo Hijack Unit was tipped off about the stolen shipment at a business, which remains anonymous, in El Monte.  Fortunately, all but one case of shoes was found, with a recovery value of $900,000.

As LAPD Cargo Hijack Unit Detective Marc Zavala explains, thieves often sell these loads on the black market, with a load valued at $1 million like the one above being worth maybe only $30,000.1

Investigators have not yet identified the suspects and it has not been determined if the owner of the business was involved.  Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Zavala at (818) 832-7510.2

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*Policies, protocols, and compliance (FDA-483)

*Background checking

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