A Dozen Reasons to Choose Road Scholar Transport for Damage-Free Shipping

Since 1988, Road Scholar Transport has been solving risk-adverse, investment grade customer’s transportation needs throughout the Mid-Atlantic and New England regions. To us, each of our customers’ freight is as fragile as a carton of eggs, easily damaged if not receiving the care and custody it deserves during transport, which is why we maintain a damage claim record of 0.0004%, one of the lowest in the industry.

Here are a “dozen” reasons to choose Road Scholar Transport as your solutions provider when transporting your sensitive shipments:

*With air-ride suspension equipped on all of our trailers, you won’t be “walking on eggshells” but rather undergo a smooth ride from pick up to delivery.

*Products can be prone to damage or contamination if exposed to temperature fluctuations. We do not use blankets to sustain temperature conditions. Our trailers can be set as low as -22°F to as high as 89°F, providing protect from freezing, frozen, refrigerated, and heated service. Our reefers are imbedded with technology that tracks the temperature within and alerts our team in the event that the temperature goes out of range so that we can rectify the situation prior to the product losing its integrity.

* Has your cargo ever sat due to a long holiday weekend? Have you ever called a carrier to pick up an urgent load on Friday only to have it docked until Monday? It is statistically proven that cargo at rest is cargo at risk with the greatest number of cargo thefts occurring on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Road Scholar Transport, however, offers weekend delivery service for our customers, getting their product delivered quickly and reducing cargo theft.  This is particularly useful in temperature sensitive shipments. Unlike many of our regional competitors who will not pick up protect from freezing shipments on a Friday because they do not want to be responsible for protecting it throughout the weekend, we have a protect from freezing policy that allows us to pick up and deliver five days a week. We at Road Scholar think that a competent supplier should be able to provide 100% protect coverage and not the conventional 80% (Mon-Thur.).

*Have a load that needs to deliver ASAP? Is your product of high value and needs to be delivered straight through? Road Scholar offers 24-hour expedited service throughout our core service areas for those time-critical situations.

*Stacking delicate freight can easily damage your products. We have deck trailers that allow us to deploy a second floor, consolidating shipments, improving efficiency and reducing cost.

*Cargo theft costs the trucking and shipping industry nearly $30 billion a year. Road Scholar implements only the toughest security features to our fleet, protecting your products from being damaged and tampered with. These include real-time satellite tracking, electronic door monitoring, navalock, facility security, full audit trail, and much more.

*We provide the option of internal security gates within our trailer, which allows us the ability to separate your cargo from other freight, preventing damage concerns by securely locking your freight within a portion of our trailer. Check out a video of how it works below.

*Another way to prevent your freight from damage claims is as simple as not getting into accidents! We maintain excellent equipment, including 2016 Freightliner Cascadias tractors, 2016 Strick dry van trailers, and 2016 Wabash reefer trailers. In fact, in 27 years of business, we have never been cited for a piece of faulty equipment involved in an accident. We also have anti-rollover technology on our trucks and ACB systems (Active Cruise with Braking) which allow our trucks to maintain a set distance of 8/10ths of a mile marker behind a forward vehicle, preventing collisions.

*We cut back on the handling of your products by offering dock-to-dock service with NO transfers. You can be assured that everything picking up on our equipment, delivers on our equipment.

*We hire only the most professional and experienced drivers who are subject to background checks and safety tests well beyond the industry standard.  Road Scholar’s hazmat certified drivers participate in a training program that keeps them “up to speed” on the latest techniques to prevent accidents and protect hazardous cargo.  Combine Road Scholar’s drivers’ experience with our strict in-transit security protocols and the result is a “security officer” behind the wheel escorting your freight.

*While wooden pallets serve as a means of cross-contamination, being very porous, and therefore, absorbing and maintaining fluids that can breed bacteria as well as contain splinters and nails from the wood that can puncture products, wooden floor trailers similarly pose a concern. We take extra precaution to ensure that your cargo is being transported in a clean environment, providing aluminum floor trailers and conducting regular sweeps, preventing cross-contamination and creating a more sanitary environment.

*Freight can easily be damaged by unplanned routes that send trucks into areas not suitable for its size equipment. Our dispatch team carefully plans all routes, including secure route genfencing.

Come experience Road Scholar’s EGG-cellent service and experience our damage free shipping today at www.roadscholar.com.