Introducing Our Newest Awareness Truck Supporting Our Troops….Equines for Freedom!

Road Scholar Transport is honored to announce our newest awareness truck, Equines for Freedom, making its debut this month on the road to support our troops.


“Equines for Freedom’s mission is to offer free treatment for post-traumatic stress to veterans no matter what their source of trauma or characterization of service,” Barbara Cocolin, President of the organization told us.  “Our approach is nontraditional.  We use horses, an arena and the number one treatment in the country for PTSD called EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing).  Our services are 100% private.  They are limited to the therapist, equine specialist, horse and veteran.  We have a holistic approach in that we offer caregiver sessions (also free), as well as treatment for the veteran.  Our hope is to help the entire family.”

Cocolin first heard about Road Scholar Transport’s awareness campaign when she was approached by our company’s president, Jim Barrett, at a restaurant. 

“Great story,” said Cocolin.  “We have our board meetings at JJ Bridges in Clarks Summit.  Mr. Barrett was having dinner with his family on a night that we had a board meeting.  He overheard what we do and approached us with heartfelt enthusiasm to help spread the word about EFF.  He told us what we needed to do, which was just to get him our logo and information.  Many thanks to him and Road Scholar.”

Incorporating the Equines for Freedom logo, Road Scholar developed the design for the truck, providing a silhouette of a horse and veteran with the American flag serving as the backdrop.

“Trucks travel the major highways across the country,” Cocolin acknowledged.  “To have the opportunity for thousands of people to see our message is so exciting.  If only one veteran sees it and comes to our program, it is a huge success.  We work diligently to spread the word about EFF and this is truly exciting.”

That’s not the first awareness truck Road Scholar has dedicated to those who served our country.  In 2013, we put our Support our Troops trailer on the road, saluting those who served in the five military branches.

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