2016 Cargo Theft Statistics

CargoNet recently released its 2016 cargo theft report.  Its results for the United States and Canada were as follows:  (The below information is provided by https://www.ajot.com/news/cargonets-2016-cargo-theft-trend-analysis)

*There were 838 recorded cargo thefts and 1,614 cargo thefts, vehicle thefts, fraud, and other events last year.

*623 tractors were stolen, an increase of 8% from the previous year, and 732 trailers, up 4% year-over-year.

*Taking into consideration the average loss of $206,836.97 per shipment, the 836 cargo thefts in 2016 would be equivalent to nearly $172.9 million.

*Once again, food and beverage were the number one products of choice among thieves, accounting for 217 thefts.

*While taking the number second stolen commodity spot, electronics held the highest value loss, contributing to $45.6 million.

*The saying remains true; cargo at rest is cargo at risk.  Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Friday and Saturday had the most theft incidents, while Monday and Tuesday witnessed the most reports of such.

*California had the most reports of cargo theft followed by Texas and New Jersey.  In 2015, Georgia was fourth when looking at cargo theft by state, but with stricter cargo theft punishments outlined in Georgia’s Cargo Theft Act signed back in 2014, losses dropped 64% in 2016 versus 2015.  “Before the punishments were outlined in this bill, cargo theft cases were oftentimes never prosecuted or were pleaded down to minor car-theft charges when the thieves were actually caught.” 1But with the new law, the value of the load would determine the fine.

Georgia isn’t the only state toughening up its stance on cargo theft.  Mississippi took similar measures, basing fines and punishment, including jail time, on the value of the products stolen.  The bill, HB722, has yet to enter the House for consideration.

Road Scholar Transport is a proud member of CargoNet and takes cargo theft very seriously.  We keep your freight secure 24/7 with van and reefer tracking, electronic door monitoring, geofencing, navalock and more, along with our brightly colored awareness trucks which are easily recognizable and harder to steal.

Here are a few cargo theft prevention tips:

*Do not leave cargo unattended.  If necessary, be sure that the trailer is in a secure area.

*Vet out carriers and verify drivers prior to trusting them to handle your products.  Road Scholar performs regular background checks on all of our drivers and ensures that only the most qualified drivers are picking up and delivering your products.

*Utilize trailers equipped with security features including satellite tracking, navalock, geo-fencing, and electronic door monitoring.

Learn more about Road Scholar’s high security shipping here and visit RoadScholar.com for an LTL or truckload freight rate today.