It all started with the pink tractor trailer below.  Jim Barrett, President and CEO, was unable to attend a walk to support Breast Cancer Awareness with his family on a Saturday.  Jim promised them he would do something "big" to make up for it.  A week later this pink trailer rolled on to the lot at Road Scholar.  It was the birth of a program to partner with organizations and customers to raise Awareness with our "rolling billboards" for dozens of affiliations, groups, and causes.

We don’t deliver only freight, we deliver Awareness.
— Jim Barrertt
At Fisher House Foundation, we have a very limited budget on advertising, so to have something like this offered to us is really priceless. By utilizing Road Scholar’s program, we are able to increase our visibility to a countless number of people, who then in turn, could support us.
— Ashley Estill, Communications & PR Coordinator for Fisher

Awareness spreads as thousands see these trailers traveling our roads and highways.  Get involved by helping keep them full and moving.  Request a freight quote today.

I love your awareness program! I have a soft spot in my heart for Marley’s Mission but I think you are amazing for putting people first
— Laura from PA
I think Road Scholar is ONE awesome company!!!! Thank you so much. These trucks rolling to help with awareness of these disabilities mean so much to our families. We love our little Angel with Retts Syndrome!!! Thank you again!
— Mary from Texas

Did you know Road Scholar Transport's Awareness Trailers are a natural deterrent against hijackings due to bright colors and distinct markings?    Request a high security freight quote today.

One of the best things I have personally experienced at a CCA Family Retreat was in 2011 in Louisville when the Road Scholar truck showed up outside our resort. The excitement was akin to a space ship landing, I kid you not! Of course we (the entire CCA family) had to get together and take a group photo with the truck! It is still one of my favorite retreat photos …I even have a version on my LinkedIn!
— Erica Mossholder, CCA
We are thrilled to count Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation among the causes represented in the Road Scholar Transport Charitable Awareness Program. The Road Scholar trucks are seen on the road by millions of people every year and as we continue working toward achieving our daughter’s dream - a cure for all kids with cancer, the awareness they are raising for us is priceless.
— Jay Scott, Executive Director and father to foundation creator Alexandra "Alex" Scott

Did you know Road Scholar Transport has over 40 pieces of equipment in support of charities and causes?  Have an comment or idea about our Awareness fleet?  Let us know!

What a wonderful way to keep us alert to the needs around us.
— Paul from PA
Here is how one man makes a difference! I am proud to call James C. Barrett my friend and a business mentor. See how he uses his fleet, Road Scholar Transport, to bring awareness to diseases that desperately need a cure. A high profile fleet for hire, dedicated to specialty and high value cargo. Keep on trucking my friend!
— Will from Alabama

Are you involved with any of these organizations?  If so - and if you have an event where you would like a trailer to serve as a backdrop - let us know!  We will do our best to accomdate and help the cause!

Road Scholar has been a huge asset in helping us raise awareness by providing us with a 53’ traveling billboard in a sense. We are lucky enough to have our awareness truck at several of our events as well as my all time favorite, when we did the flash mob and everyone came out of the back of the truck. The kids and families who participated in it loved the experience! I remember one email in particular that I received from a woman who lived out of state who saw the Marley’s Mission truck and visited our website and was touched by our story and wanted to send a monetary donation.
— April M. Loposky, Founder / Program Director at Marley's Mission
I’ve seen a couple of these trucks in person...awesome is an understatement!
— Michelle from NJ

Did you know a single Awareness trailer on the road get between 30,000 and 80,000 impressions in a single day?  That's a lot of Awareness for these special causes that need it.  If you have freight that can help the wheels turning, let us know!

You folks continue to be amazing! Thank you for all the support you provide to the various causes!
— Robin from Wisconsin
We were so happy to hear that Road Scholar Trucking was willing to create a truck to promote Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation. The Road Scholar truck is absolutely amazing. Awareness is a huge part of the success of non-profit organizations such as ours. The Road Scholar truck allows CCRF to reach families that may not know about our organization or our programs. Our goal each year is to support as many children and families as we can. The awareness from the Road Scholar truck is a huge part in reaching the goal. We have received a lot of positive feedback about the truck.
— Austin Kulp, Marketing Communications Manager for the Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation